Poetry for a science kid

Hi, my name is Arnob and I am a day student in the class of 2016. I enjoy singing, playing the piano, and love exploring different computer software and programming. I also enjoy going for runs and playing soccer.

I always knew I loved science and math but I never thought I’d become interested in poetry. Multiple times in my freshmen humanities class, my teacher Ms. Jackson read us a variety of poems to start off the class and even occasionally showed us interesting TED Talks about poetry. I was never much of an English class person but poetry being this vast and original field sparked interest in me.

We took a break one week in our spring term from learning about the Dark Ages to write an original poem. Brainstorming was difficult but constructing the poem was thrilling and Ms. Jackson even let us have class outside to write the poem. I will always remember sitting relaxed against a tree on a fresh spring day writing the poem. We then presented the poems orally and that was a bit nerve-wracking at first but a very accomplished feeling swooped in after I finished presenting. I have a new respect for poetry and hearing/reading a poem is a great way to take a break from the day’s work.