The magic of being a Falcon

Conor '16
Day student
Interests: Frisbee; Lacrosse; Music; Robotics

Upon my arrival to Peddie, I admit I did have an advantage. I basically lived on campus and had already been familiar within the Peddie community. But entering POCO, I truly wasn't feeling as confident as one would expect me to be; I was worrying about meeting new people, whether I would make little friends or be stuck in an "unpopular" group; worrying if I could match Peddie's high academic caliber that appeared daunting to all; worrying about the upcoming school year and balancing a social life with successful grades. However, within the first week of classes (yes, literally the first week) all of my worries had vanished. I was amazed at how in the first week I had made so many friends and how easily I had become accustomed to the renowned Peddie workload.

One of my favorite teachers, Mr Onion, once described life as a Peddie student in one word: magical. I do consider it magical at how every student fits in, how there are no "unpopular" or "popular" groups, and how everlasting relationships are created between fellow students and teachers. But most mysteriously, all of this happens without knowing it. Life as being a Peddie student can be summarized to this: a unique experience. I have been to several Blair Days prior to being a Peddie student, but when I sang the Ala Viva for the first time as a student, I really did feel blue and gold pumping through my veins, and let me tell you, it definitely was an experience.