Becoming a "science person"

Cassie '16
Richboro, PA
Theater, Cross Country, Model United Nations, Peddie Newspaper

I always knew I loved history and English, but I never thought that I would enjoy chemistry. Before coming to Peddie, I believed that because I wasn’t amazing at math, I couldn’t be a “science person” at Peddie. 

However, due to the great teachers I had last year, Dr. Crider and Mr. Bright, I found that I could enjoy the wonderful science program Peddie has to offer, even though I may not be in the most advanced math course. My teacher was always there if I needed extra help throughout the year and I believe that part of my success in the course is due to the availability of Dr. Crider and Mr. Bright. I encourage all future Peddie students to approach their academics with an open mind. Although I never believed that I would take such an interest in the sciences, the experience I had in my chemistry class has permanently affected how I view myself as a student at Peddie.