Camaraderie & community

Hi, I'm Jake '15, a day student, rower and bike enthusiast. I also help run the Engineering Club and Jewish Heritage Club. My favorite classes are math and history (yes polar opposites). 

 Growing up as a sibling of Peddie student, you almost live vicariously through your older brother or sister (for me, my older brother Daniel '11). You hear about what's going on on campus, what's happening in class, how sports are going, and the best part...going to Blair Day; and while he never competed in one because he was a swimmer, he was always taking part in something. For me, this was key. The community that I lived in second-hand for four years was close-knit, inclusive and always exciting.
Now that I am at Peddie and living in this community first-hand I can see why Daniel loved being on campus 24/7. Between friends, teachers (who become friends), clubs, classes, sports and the ever-expanding list of other activities you to take part in, you learn very quickly that the time you spend here becomes priceless. While I, like Daniel, haven't competed in a Blair Day because there is no crew competition then, it is still one of my favorite days throughout the year. From the start of Blair Week to watching the end of the football game that day, you won't find camaraderie like this anywhere else. 

Being a Peddie student isn't comparable to anything else.  Yes, there are other things at other schools that kind of sound similar, but in the end you wouldn't trade Peddie for any other school.

Ala viva!