Fall: All about feeling connected

Katie '14 is a day student who is a member of the Model U.N. and Latin clubs. She is also a varsity soccer player, and here she reflects on an almost perfect fall season.

My favorite time of year on campus is the fall.  Not fall term necessarily, but the legitimate fall.  The time of year when you can walk across center campus and see every color of the rainbow.  The time of year when there is a little nip in the air.  The time of year when everyone on campus is finding their niche and beginning to break out of their summer time shells.  For me the fall means two things; soccer is in full swing and Blair week is on its way.  There is not one other time during the year when I feel more connected to this school.  

My junior year had one of the best falls imaginable.  The trees began to turn early and the weather was cooperating perfectly.  I had my classes under control and the soccer team was looking amazing.  We had gone undefeated in our conference so far and the only game we had left was Blair day.  I will remember that game for the rest of my life.  80 minutes of intense soccer gone by and we came out with a 4-1 win.  As that final whistle blew what felt like the entire school stormed the field and we chanted the loudest and proudest Ala Viva of my Peddie career to date.  This feeling of unity is why I love the fall, and why I love this school.