Finding a place in the orchestra

Rebecca '15
Day Student
Activities: Soccer, Orchestra, Newspaper, Tour Guide

Before I came to Peddie as a freshman two years ago, I had always played the violin, but I had never been a part of an orchestra. So, starting my freshman year, I became a member just to see what it was all about. I remember our conductor, Mr. Michaels, and how welcoming he was to all the new students and also meeting a ton of new kids, those who were not just in my grade, but all grade levels. It was a great way to start off the year especially since I got to talk to and make friends with kids I didn’t have class with. 

Orchestra gathers during the school day usually around three to four days a week and also travels for competitions every other year (my freshman year we competed in Washington, DC and this coming year we will be going to New Orleans). I found it really great to be able to spend time with my peers outside Peddie’s campus and was able to make a lot of new friends as well. Overall, being a member of the orchestra was a great start to my time at Peddie and will definitely be something I continue until I graduate.