A little bit of everything, and a lot of school spirit

My name is Danny , and I'm a sophomore day student. I love playing any sport I can, especially soccer, frisbee, and lacrosse.I also like doing theater. During my freshman year, I participated in a class called Freshman Musical, in which I played Troy Bolton in “High School Musical.” I am thinking of auditioning for the winter musical this year, and maybe other productions in the future.

My favorite time of year on campus is definitely around the beginning of November because that is Blair Week. Blair Academy is our greatest rival, so we make Blair Day, a day in which we compete against them in sports, an excuse to have a lot of fun and show an extra amount of school spirit. Also, every day during Blair Week has a different theme, whether it is pajama day, or farmer day, or even decade day. I really enjoy that week because it also gives students and teachers an excuse to be a little silly (particularly with decade day) and to show who they are outside of school as well.