Bagging produce to fight hunger

This past Sunday, New Jersey Farmers Against Hunger hosted its Annual Thanksgiving Fresh Produce Bagging Event.Volunteers bagged over 40,000 pounds of apples, potatoes, and winter squash for the holidays. Farmers Against Hunger is a non-profit organization that works with New Jersey farmers and produce suppliers to collect and distribute fresh produce to organizations serving those in need.   

Despite the busy exam week ahead, three Peddie students, Caroline '16, Peter '17 and Lainey '16, accompanied by faculty members Leigh Wood and Dani Mooney helped by bagging more than 1,000 pounds of potatoes. NJ Farmers Against Hunger will be distributing the potatoes along with carrots, squash, apples and other gleaned vegetables to the local food bank, TASK, and other food banks throughout the state. 

Earlier in the week, Senior boys from the Varsity Basketball team delivered 15 boxes of food along with almost $200 in ShopRite gift cards collected on campus to the local  RISE Food Bank. The Food Bank is reporting a drop in corporate and other donations this year, so more campus collections are planned.