Learning about life in a research lab

Alison Faig spoke to science students yesterday about her research as a student in Dr. Uhrich's lab at Rutgers University, where she is working on designing polymer drugs. She also happens to be the great granddaughter of Dr. Swetland, Peddie's ninth and longest-serving headmaster (1848-1934), which is sort of cool!

Thanks to Winston Kung'15 for this post.

After being invited by students from the EXP Advanced Research course, Ellison Faig, a guest speaker from a research lab at Rutgers University, came to give a presentation about her and her lab's recent research focus, which included innovating the way drugs are delivered to the body and improving the effectiveness of these drugs. It was a fun, informative, and incredibly educational experience that allowed students to catch a rare glimpse of what life is like in a research lab.