Making the most of the Peddie experience - on and off campus

My name is Alyssa and I am a senior day student from New Jersey.  Although school work has always been my top priority, I try to fully experience Peddie.  This includes involvement in the lacrosse and field hockey teams, section leader for clarinets in several bands, blue key and head tour guide, writing tutor, and a community prefect.  Peddie is so special because it allows me to fully participate in such a broad range of activities.  Instead of focusing my attention, I am able to fully explore all of my interests. 

Before I came to Peddie, I never thought I’d be able to have so many experiences, especially outside of the classroom.  During the spring break of my sophomore year, I went on an unforgettable community service trip to the Dominican Republic.  Peddie students became teachers as we taught English as a second language in a local elementary school.  During that summer, I took another trip with Peddie on a very different mode of transportation—biking.  The Sophomore Bike Trip brought me closer to a group of classmates that I might not have known otherwise.  Whether it was supporting each other up arduous hills or figuring out how to cook with only the essentials, it was gratifyingly unique.  Finally, this summer I designed my very own research project through The Summer Signature Experience.  Following my passions for history and cultures, I travelled to Lithuania to pursue a central question of defining normalcy in an ever changing society.  The people I interviewed, the places I visited, and the information I learned not only altered my viewpoints, but gave me memories that I will never forget.