Proud to be a Falcon

Hello, my name is Amina and I am a junior boarding student. I live in Northern New Jersey with my parents and six-year-old brother. In the fall I play soccer, and this coming winter I am planning on joining the track and field team. In the spring I play lacrosse. I am also a leader of the step and dance team on campus called Dynasty and I am in the Asian studies program. 

My favorite time of the year on campus is definitely Blair week. During Blair week each day is a different theme in which everyone participates. For example, Monday may be mismatch day and everyone comes to class in mismatched clothes. As the week goes on and everyone on campus is getting caught up in the school spirit it leads up to the pep rally on Friday which is student-run. Different clubs perform including my dance team, Dynasty, and everyone gets rallied up and pumped for Saturday. On Saturday, every sports team competes against our school rival, Blair Academy, for the Potter-Kelley cup. 

This is my favorite time of year because I really feel the school spirit all around me. Experiencing Blair week for the first time during my freshman year really made me feel like I belong at Peddie and made me feel proud to be a Peddie student.