The two best art classes of my life

Hello, my name is Reiss. I am a junior here at Peddie and will graduate in 2015. I was a new sophomore last year, and am currently a day student. My hometown is about thirty minutes from Peddie. I play soccer for Peddie and also outside of Peddie for a club team, FC Copa. I am also in the ski club and the Jewish heritage club.

I was never a kid who loved the arts, and I didn’t see the need for the two semesters of art requirement at Peddie.  But that was before I took the two best art classes of my life. Last year I took Digital Video in the Winter trimester and Speech and Debate in the Spring trimester, both of which are in the arts department. In Digital Video, we made three short films about topics ranging from documentaries to a chase scene to an infomercial!  We edited down our takes using a program I had never even heard of, Adobe Premier.  I learned so much about film that I actually took my talents outside the classroom and made a highlight video that I will send to college soccer coaches.  Likewise, in Speech and Debate, I conquered my fear of speaking in public. I also learned from the legendary Harry Holcombe how to debate any topic, from abortion to whether college athletes should be paid. I won all my debates and had a blast arguing in class and researching my topics. Peddie classes have forced me out of my comfort zone and into new areas I never explored before.  I have loved these classes and never would have tried them without Peddie’s requirement! Ala Viva!