Time flies when you’re having fun!

On an autumn long weekend, the International Student Organization embarked on a trip to Princeton-Blairstown Center. Jocelyn '14 reflects on the time away from school.

While many Peddie students got the chance to go home to their comfortable, warm beds, parents and home-made food, 30 international students along with Mr. Park, Dr. Cags and Ms. Sandefer embarked on a trip up to Princeton-Blairstown Center. All the girls slept in one cabin and the guys split up into two. We had to make a fire every night, and even though our first fire proved unsuccessful, we were better by the end of the trip.  

The second night we walked to our campfire, where we reflected on our time at Peddie, whether it was our second month, second year or fourth year as a Falcon. Coming in as a new sophomore, I faced the challenges of having to integrate myself into the grade, but I had a great deal of support from friends, prefects and dorm supervisors. I still remember my prefects from my sophomore year and have kept in contact with them throughout the years. 

At Peddie, you’re so immersed in your work, sports, club activities that you almost don’t have time to think about your home that is 8000 miles away. This long weekend I did a lot of thinking and reflecting because we had free time everyday, which we don’t get much of as seniors at Peddie.

It’s hard to believe that I will only have two more long weekends at Peddie, but I will cherish them as they come. 

Ending on a brighter and less sentimental note, a smaller group of us experienced the flying squirrel and another rope course activity. They were some of the scariest things I have done in my life, but they were well worth the rush of adrenaline and satisfaction thereafter!