A birthday cake for every girl

Grace '16       
Interests: Painting, tennis, singing, debate, fashion design, writing

I remember the first time I felt homesick and the time when I wasn’t really used to being a boarder. Living away from home was hard for me during the first few weeks because I missed my parents and old friends and I was not used to living alone by myself. However, Master’s south felt like a second home to me because all the boarders and the dorm supervisors made up a small and intimate family. We have dorm food every Saturday at 11 pm, which is mostly home-made by the dorm supes, such as cookies, brownies, burritos, mac and cheese etc. We also have dorm activities: before the our fall final exams, we got to dress up our prefects whichever way we wanted (as funny as possible) and we put up a mini “fashion show.” Every member of Masters South’s birthday was celebrated. and Mrs. Washburn made nice birthday cakes for every birthday girl. I still remembered every single detail happened in the freshman dorm: the smell of an ice cream sandwich, the laughter that came from the hallway and jokes we used to talk about. Master’s South has made up a big part of my freshman year!