A solo on stage (with a little help from new friends)

Kelly '16
Day student
Activities: Field Hockey, Golf, Yearbook, Debate

One of my fondest memories from my freshman year was the freshman musical. Freshman musical was the very first class I attended at Peddie. When I walked into the chorus room, I was greeted by 33 other students, who all were strangers and most had little or no stage experience. The play we were performing was going to be High School Musical, which was kind of fitting since this would be our first high school musical.

We had practiced for five months for just one performance. All my friends from the field hockey team had been texting me, telling me how excited they were to see me on stage.  Students from different classes also told me they were coming, and my mom asked if she could bring the video camera (oh great!). Opening (and closing) night came, and the Geiger Reeves Theatre was packed. There were literally no seats left.  People of all ages came to see us, from faculty children, to some of the senior class, to some actors grandparents. The curtains opened, and we had to run onto the stage, dancing and singing the wildcat chant. Soon after, my first line came and I said it with as much enthusiasm as possible: Hi, Im Taylor McKessie, you must be new! and gave Gabriella a firm handshake. I had some funny lines, and I remember the audience laughing at them, and I had other scheming lines, where I was plotting with Chad on how to break up Troy and Gabriella. However, the moment where I was most nervous was when I had to sing. 

Before I came to Peddie, my best singing was when I was alone in the shower. However by January, I had built up enough confidence to think that I could be able to sing on stage in front of people.  As I stood in front of a full house my mind raced with doubting thoughtsWhat would everyone think? Will they think Im tone deaf? Oh please sing your notes right Kelly! I grabbed the microphone and I remember singing my first solo. In the middle of my number, I could hear my fan section (the field hockey team) yell, Yeah Kelly! I smirked and finished my song. Even if they told me at an inopportune moment, I still smile when I think about how my team had my back, even though they didn't know I was nervous. Oh and those 33 strangers, they're my classmates now and more than a few are good friends!