Curing homesickness with music

Hey there! 
My name is Luna. I'm from Michigan, and I am a sophomore this year. I enjoy reading books, playing the clarinet, and watching tv. I am currently involved in the Model UN club, Chinese club, and played tennis and was on the crew team last year. I am also a mentor for the International Student Organization.

Now to be honest, I don't get homesick a lot, even though I live hundreds of miles away. Whenever I started to get homesick, I always found something for me to do to get my mind off of it, like hanging out with friends, teaching myself a song on the piano, or just going into town for pizza. But there was this one time during winter term, after I had gotten used to everything at Peddie, that I really started getting homesick. It was snowing outside, and being from Michigan, it reminded me of my home. I started feeling really sad, and missing everything from back home, the hot chocolate that I would have every time I came home, the snowballs my friends and I would throw at each other after school ended, and just everything that I used take for granted.

I remember going to pit band rehearsal after school that day, and meeting up with one of my day student friends beforehand. She was telling me about her old friends from her old school whom she saw recently, which made me even sadder because I was already homesick. But as the rehearsal started, I started feeling like I truly belonged at Peddie. I was doing something that I love, playing instruments, with people who shared the same passion. Everyone was serious the quality of our music, but at the same time, we also had a ton of fun. Mr. Michaels, our band director, was cracking jokes, other members would share snacks during breaks, and just genuinely have a great time. It never felt like a burden to go to rehearsals, instead, it would sometimes be the best part of my day. Although now, I still do get homesick sometimes, I always have my friends or great teachers such as Mr. Michaels to talk to. Soon, you will feel like Peddie is a home away from home.