Fostering a passion

Anthony '14
Activities: Creative Writing Club/Amphion; community service; theater; GSA 

Before coming to Peddie, I had always considered myself passably good at everything, but not exceptional in anything. I guess you could call mediocrity the curse of being well-rounded. However, joining both the theater program and creative writing club at Peddie has fostered a love of words and performance as a form of creative expression. This past summer I attended a writing program at Kenyon College, where I've written over 75 poems and counting (not as much luck with college essays - we'll see how that goes!). 

As a Peddie student, in addition to the incredible friendships I've made and lessons I've learned (both academically and philosophically), I'm becoming passionate about writing and have learned so much about myself in the process. I never thought I would need to write as a form of emotional catharsis, but now I can't imagine going a day without it. I'm excited to continue my journey and share it with you.