Thursday, January 9, 2014

One Day, After the Rain

Abby '14 was struck by one particular piece on a recent trip to the Chelsea Galleries

Piece of Silence; Sandra Cinto; Tanya Bonakdar Gallery
One Day, After the Rain

This piece really struck me because it seemed to correlate perfectly to our Art History studies of landscape paintings of the Song Dynasty. This piece, though contemporary, shares many characteristics of the Southern and Northern Song Dynasty. Like the Northern Song Dynasty the piece has an avoidance of perspective: it does not anticipate a viewer looking from a fixed spot; rather, the viewer can walk around it. Furthermore, its layout, long and horizontal, is much like a scroll! The lines are fine and majestic. This scene does not necessarily represent an actual place, rather it represents the artist: Sandra Cinto probably tried to capture the essence of the sea far from the sea…maybe in a studio. Like the Southern Song Dynasty there are vast areas of blank space as if to depict a fleeting world. The canvas turns from light blue and calm to deep blue and turbulent from right to left. There are bridges in the painting which the eye can climb. The lines are repetitive, intricate, and methodical as if they were made compulsively - much like outsider art, but with a high degree of refinement which clearly differentiates it from being so.

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