Staying after choice?

My name is Jenna and I’m a senior day student from Hightstown. I’ve grown up around Peddie, both as a resident of the town around it as well as a sibling of a former student. When my older brother Jeremy ’10 began his time at Peddie as a freshman, I would notice how much time he spent over on campus, typically arriving at 7:30 and staying until 10 every night. To me, I couldn’t figure out why he spent so much time at school if he wasn’t required to be there. It was school!

In the fall of 2010, I began my time at Peddie as a freshman. Within the first week or so, I discovered the reasons my brother stayed on campus so late every day. Peddie is not just a school. It’s not just a campus or a dorm. It’s a community and a family. As students, we play alongside little faculty children on center campus after dinner.  As students, we cheer for our fellow classmates alongside our teachers during football games. As students, we have the chance to grow into young adults in the nurturing environment Peddie offers. Now, as a senior, I have experienced firsthand the Peddie community and I can honestly say it’s nothing like I have ever been a part of. Each May the community says goodbye to the seniors and each September it welcomes the incoming students into the Peddie family. But the Peddie community stays constant, helping us through challenging academics and friendship woes and even long after graduation, I will always be a Peddie Falcon. Ala Viva!