To Be Them

Scout Sabo '14 reflects with poetry on a recent trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art

To Be Them

To be that animal,
Forever nestled between the folds.
Young for eternity,
Only seeing darkness

To be that man,
Who left his shoes, so artistically placed.

To be Psyche,
With skin as smooth as butter.
Always in this moment of pain and yearning
Never to kiss his lips again

To be Fudo Myo-o,
Having to see the world through one eye
Fooling viewers of his true disposition

To be Elizabeth Boott Duveneck,
Who will be the only women to ever make a gold pillow look comfortable

To be Hatshepsut,
I feel for her knees
And desire to clean the blood that would have accumulated
Bandage them so she can continue on for the coming years of kneeling

To be the head of a young boy,
Cherub cheeks and innocent wide eyes
But made cold by bronze.

To be them,
Seeing everything
And Nothing.
Are they happy with this portrayal of them