Just another night in the dorm….

Biology teacher Megan Washburn lives in Masters South with her family, where she serves as Dorm Supervisor for Freshman girls.

 One of the things I love most about Peddie students is the conversations that arise when they think nobody is taking notice.  Most kids their age would engage in conversations that revolve around boyfriends, girlfriends, things they saw that day on Facebook, or their favorite sports team.  Of course, these are also conversations had at Peddie.  However, living in the dorm, I have been able to witness many more meaningful and enlightening conversations.  I have been impressed with their knowledge, their ability to articulate their thoughts, their willingness to share their opinions about sensitive issues, and I have learned a tremendous amount from engaging in these conversations amongst the girls in the dorm. 

Just last week, for example, the girls were talking about the history of Taiwan and China, which, as a biology teacher I will admit I knew nothing about. Tonight, Devin was proud to show us the coat Mr. Watkins let her borrow in her World War II class.  He told her to “see how it weathers the storm.” 

The jacket was worn by a soldier in the war, and Devin was able to tell us where it was from, how it was designed, and she pointed out that the quilted diamond pattern was key in providing as much warmth as possible. Devin went on to explain how the pilots in WWII wore coats made of sheep skin to resist flames in case of a crash, and the tops of their boots were made of sheep skin while the bottoms resembled regular shoes.   If the pilot crashed, they would cut the top of their boots off so nobody would know they were a pilot.They also carried with them a brick filled with gold that was only to be used in case of a crash….it was an emergency fund to help them find their way home. 

Girls being girls, the conversation quickly drifted back to the diamond quilted pattern on the jacket (that Jocelyn was now modeling) and how it is a very fashionable design today, and was even incorporated into the Patagonia jacket I was wearing.  Launa then pointed out that the quilted jacket from WWII doesn’t stand alone in the fashion world; the ever so popular combat boots are worn by many.

The night ended with Katie taking pictures with her phone of Jocelyn wearing the soldier’s jacket…..