Sunshine, R & R, and an amazing meal

Arnob '16

Hey everyone it’s Arnob reporting from China! Today the 12 of us plus Mr. Michaels, Mr. Gao and Dr. Jiang flew back to Shanghai from Sanya. Sanya is the southernmost city of China on the island of Hainan. The present weather there is sunny with temperatures around 70-80 degrees. It was an awesome change from the cold weather of Shanghai and New Jersey.  I was sad that we only got to stay for < 2 days L but it was great while it lasted :D

Rest and relaxation in Sanya

 The flight back to Shanghai was three hours and we arrived at about 4:00. We rushed back to EFZ school, changed our clothes to formal wear, and went to the Shangrila hotel. We ate dinner at this very fancy hotel. Shanghai Peddie families such as Michael Lee’s and Amy Qian’s hosted our meal there and treated the whole group. The dinner was absolutely amazingly delicious! The food there came from many different countries around the world (including China, Malaysia, USA, etc.). They had everything from waffle fries to rice noodles to Malaysian Lamb satay to octopus and sushi. I can’t stress enough how good this meal was and thank you again Shanghai Peddie families. I think all of us on this trip can agree that this was the best meal yet. I also snagged several boxes of candy on the way out to eat on the overnight train ride to Beijing tomorrow. J

After the dinner we came back to EFZ and it was not too long until all of us passed out after an exhausting day. The last full day in Shanghai came to an end, and I can say that we all had a terrific time experiencing both the modern and traditional Chinese culture and society in Shanghai.

Thanks for staying in tuned with our journey and I’ll see everyone back at Peddie!