Greetings from EFZ!

The fastest train I have ever been on!
Over Spring break, Peddie students traveled to Shanghai. This week was spent with host families and students from sister school EFZ.

Ethan '15: After a full day of travel, we have made it! Sitting in my middle seat between two grown adults was the least of my worries, knowing soon that I would be in China. Shanghai is different than anything I could have imagined. The food is crazy. Varying from plain noodles to exotic fish that I have never heard of.  The streets are packed, and so are the subways. I am now with my host family, and they are very kind. They bought me more food than I could eat, because “that is the traditional Chinese way,” Xuhongyi’s father said. Than, we got home and watched fifty different channels of television, and I understood maybe 10 words. I am also very jet lagged, which probably shows in my writing!

Janine '15: Today was our first full day at EFZ. We started with a breakfast of a various dumplings and cake, and then met with the principal and vice principal of EFZ. We had to introduce ourselves in Chinese, and although 3 students do not take Chinese, they still managed to learn a few words and get the point across. It was very impressive!

We then went on a campus tour with our EFZ partners. We saw their TV station, cafeteria, classrooms, and much more. Their classes are typically around 40 students, and their entire student body is around 1500 students! It’s much bigger than Peddie.  They also gave us a short tai chi presentation.

For lunch, we met up with our partners in a private dining room. Since it was Amina’s birthday, we ate a cake that had the flavor combination of coffee and pineapple, a flavor combination probably unheard of in the United States!

After lunch, we went to the Shanghai Museum of Art and saw calligraphy, currency, and sculpture. Then, we visited Nanjing Road, which is a very popular shopping street in Shanghai. There were Chinese department-style stores, as well as American stores. It was very overwhelming, but also interesting to see the more modern aspects of the city.

We ate dinner at a restaurant in the city and then went on a river cruise. The outside of the buildings light up at night. It’s like Las Vegas and New York mashed together. The cruise was fun but after such a long day, jet lag, and the cold weather, we were all very tired and went to bed immediately after we got back. I don’t remember the last time I fell asleep before 10, but pure exhaustion beat us all.

All  in all, our first day in China was great, and I can’t wait for more adventures!


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