Nunchucks & calligraphy, Yu garden and aerobatics: A busy day!

Reflections on day 3 in Shanghai from Amina '15

Today we had a kung fu class for the second day in a row. In the class we continued practicing with nunchucks and even learned a five step combination move involving the nunchucks. After our kung fu lesson we went to a calligraphy lesson in which we wrote our names using one of the six styles of calligraphy. Some of the students in our group who have never taken Chinese got their own Chinese names.  After the lessons we had lunch and headed out into Shang Hai for our afternoon activities.

We went to the famous Yu garden known for being a popular tourist attraction with its ancient Chinese architecture and authentic souvenirs. We also visited the first meeting place of the communist party which had a museum documenting the history of the communist party. My favorite part of the day was buying souvenirs for my family because I had to bargain a lot of the prices down since they were so expensive. I asked my teacher Dr. Jiang for help most of the time since I am not a good bargainer!

After Yu garden we went to an aerobatics show that was simply amazing. The best part of the show was the motorcycle performance where the motorcyclists rode around in a big metal ball. It was so impressive because the ball was not that big and five motorcyclists fit inside. Today was really fun because there was never a dull moment and really made me glad that I came on this trip.