Bringing Peddie Spirit to YuMiao Elementary School, Shanghai

After a teaching experience in Cambodia last summer, Amy '16 is committed to working with children in underserved communities, and hopes to inspire others to help as well. Over spring break, Amy led a group of Peddie students, who were visiting China as part of the Asian studies program, in a visit to YuMiao elementary school in rural Shanghai.

First, I had to describe to Peddie students the idea behind
the program and their upcoming visit to YuMai
Our group's mission was to spend the day with students from YuMaio elementary school in rural Shanghai. Both the students there and the Peddie students had a great time. We used "Chinglish" to communicate with kids; we danced with the kids; we played games with them, and we even took them backpacking. At the end of the day the students from YuMaio made me promise them that I will be back. I hope that Peddie students will help me keep my pinkie-promise to them!

Of course, I alone cannot rewrite entire education systems currently operating on minimal resources; but I can use my strength and resources to inspire others. Continuing to bring Peddie students to YuMiao would be a great first step!

When we arrived, I translated some of the
teachers' words to the Peddie group
Then, we all tried to learn the games the students were playing
In the classroom, Peddie students led the children in games like hangman

Class break!
Outside, there was time for more games & even some dancing! 

At the end of the day, we were able to give the children 
each a backpack and a gift from their wishlist - they were very happy!
We had a great visit, and hope to be back with our friends at YuMai soon!