Paying it forward with Pepsi & Twinkies

Christian Deger '13 returned to campus recently to reinstate a Peddie tradition.

A Peddie tradition was reinvigorated last Thursday when Christian Deger ’13 showed up on campus to distribute Pepsi and Twinkies to students. Both as a tribute to the beloved Sandy Tattersall, who served as Dean of Students at Peddie for more than three decades until his retirement in 2012, and as an expression of gratitude to the school, Deger’s generosity was enthusiastically appreciated by students and faculty alike.

Juniors and seniors, familiar with “T’s” tradition, were happy to see it return, and younger students were eager to hear the story behind the crazy food combination.

“Looking at his SUV backed up onto the lawn sporting vanity plates that say "Ala Viva," said current Dean of Students Peter McClellan, “With Springstein's Jersey Girl blaring during DMX, as smiling Peddie students came to get their Pepsis and Twinkies, it was impossible not to smile and have fun.”

But the message behind the deed translated to much more than simply “fun,” McClellan explained.

“At Peddie we frequently remind students that we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. Christian's expression of gratitude towards Peddie and, more specifically, for Sandy Tattersall, is about as heartfelt a way of saying thank you as one could imagine. Certain that Christian will, like so many alumni, remain loyal to Peddie, I am confident that we will be able to continue our great work, making kids happy in the process, always!”