Poco a Poco

Nelson Mai '14 spent the first week of his spring break in Monte Cristi, Dominican Republic teaching English to children from 1st to 5th grade.

Teaching is really difficult, I discovered; especially to young children who may not be raised to understand the importance of education. What I learned from this trip is that patience is really important. Through patience (and friendliness) in teaching, I picked up one of the core values that Outreach360 embraces; “Poco a Poco” which translates to “Little by Little.” 

Some children loved to play around and not pay attention in class. We discovered that these children needed more attentive care. Surprisingly, through more individualized teaching, we realized that these children are could be some of the smartest in class. They just did not learn that “participating” in class and “learning” can be considered cool, too!

Poco a Poco, through our presence, we served the community of Monte Cristi and hopefully helped it grow linguistically and more globally aware, while learning so much ourselves!