Real, true learning

Colton '14
Boarder; dorm prefect

I am from Long Beach Island, New Jersey. I can be a bit of science and math nerd, but I’ve grown to love history and English at Peddie. In addition to academics, I participate in crew, yearbook and ESL.

Having come to Peddie as a new sophomore, my first couple weeks were a major adjustment from what I was used to.  It was my first time away from home and I had never experienced life in such an academic setting. Although Peddie is foremost a school where we come to learn, it has become a home for me. I feel like I “fit in” here, which I can’t say I felt at my old school.

One of the things I'll miss the most about Peddie after graduation will be the conversations and arguments with my teachers and peers. Whether it is in the classroom, out of the classroom, at practice, during dinner, or in the dorm, the learning never stops. As students we are constantly conversing. You will find most teenagers discussing video games, but at Peddie you’ll find us engaging in political debates. As for conversations with faculty, they usually start by going to them for extra help with class work, but when your work is finished the conversation could turn to college, food, a current event, life or a variety of other topics. This is real true learning; it’s part of what makes a Peddie education priceless.