Chapel Talk: Ala Viva! Senior leaders say farewell.

Student body co-presidents Megan Mooney and Liam Wall said farewell to students during Monday's Chapel. Justin Ryu presented the traditional Senior slideshow.


I just wanted to say a few words before we go.

First of all, the best bathroom on this campus is hands down in the library basement.

Secondly, ditch your homework and eat ice cream on the center campus benches with your friends sometimes because like Rob Bernard said, you’ll remember things like that more than you’ll remember the things you have learned in class.

That being said,  Thank your teachers because they give everything to this school and put up with a lot more than they probably should have to.

Bring the Cup home sometime soon but more importantly beat Lawrenceville in everything.

Harry Mooney, don’t ever run for president

Creamer and Liam, thank you for putting up with me and after everything, I’m glad we did this whole thing together.

To all the underclassmen, the best advice I can give you is just to go to things. Go to basketball games, go to plays, art shows, music performances, readings. Work hard because you don’t pay all this money to go to a school just to sit outside and eat ice cream. You’re all going to do amazing things.

To the Class of 2014, we were the class that pretty much got as many things as possible taken away from us. We broke windows and trashed the Masland room, but I think we’ve really shocked everyone with how far we have come. Best. Class. Yet.

All of that aside, I just wanted to thank you guys for everything. Reflecting on this year, I am so incredibly humbled by all the opportunities you’ve given me. I love this place, it’s my home, and saying goodbye is going to be hard, but saying goodbye to all of you is going to be harder.

In the words of the great Charlie Kelly, “I’ll just regress because I feel I’ve made myself perfectly redundant.” Thank you forever, Ala Viva


Thank you, Megan. You speak with the Peddie pride that can only belong to a fac-brat who has lived here for more than half her life. While I share your enthusiasm, I had a slightly different introduction to Peddie.

My parents dropped me off at Kerr South where I moved into a room that had a pleasant je ne sais quoi that was part minimalist decor, part jail cell chic... And I still distinctly remember a stench that was a cross between microwaved popcorn and dirty laundry.

Then I met my roommate: Asher Baron. We got along really well... for about eighteen hours. The absolute lowest point in our relationship had to be the time we wrestled in the Masland Room. Asher claims the bout ended because I kneed myself in the face. Common misconception. Actually, in an attempt to get Asher in a headlock, I faced myself in the knee and got a pretty nice black eye in the process.

On paper, my first months at Peddie must have seemed horrible. Nightly study hall, Saturday classes, living in Kerr far from my family and my friends from home, three daily meals of PFS, did I mention I lived in Kerr?

Yet, I absolutely loved those first months. And if you ever spoke to me then you probably would have known it... I made a habit of filling any awkward spaces in conversation — and remember, this was freshman year, there were a ton — with praise for Peddie no matter how irrelevant it was to the current topic of conversation.

Why was I so nuts about this school? Because every day was a new experience.

I’ve made it my life goal to make every single day of my life fall term freshman year and actively seek out new places, new experiences, new ideas and new friends. That could mean taking an elective in astronomy, because — Why not? Stars are cool — or going to the honors theater production or even eating lengua aka cow tongue tacos in downtown Hightstown.

Thanks to satellite imagery, there are no uncharted regions of the Earth’s surface today, save for the floor of the deep sea. No deserted islands to discover and maybe even no hidden Shangri-Las to find. Yet, the spirit of exploration lives on in our generation greater than ever.

Class of 2014, here’s to the unknown. Here’s to the challenges we overcame, the concepts we mastered, the friends we made and the fine young adults we’ve become.

Thank you very much and Ala Viva.