Hard to believe how beautiful science can be!

Njaire McKoy '14 and Rafa Mirat '14 will be presenting their research during the Science Night this Thursday, May 15

 Our project set out to investigate what effects an alternating magnetic field has on a ferrofluid. An alternating magnetic field can be produced simply by shaking a bar magnet around, but in our case we produced the alternating field by driving an electromagnet with alternating current. 
 We found that at different magnetic field frequencies and amplitudes, shapes can be seen as standing waves patterns in the ferrofluid, or sometimes even wave patterns that rotate! 

 One of the advantages of doing it that way was that we could change the frequency and amplitude of the alternating magnetic field and see what effects those changes have on the on the ferrofluid.  That has been most of the focus of our project.
 Ferrofluids are used in the medical field for magnetic drug targeting. Scientists produce drugs with a ferrofluid coating, and then inject these drugs into an area of the body in which a patient needs treatment. The drug is then held at that location by a magnetic field allowing the drug to act, and then once the field is turned off, the drugs exit the body.
 Many other applications in medical and engineering fields have been found for ferrofluids, and studies are currently proceeding in many research labs to understand their behavior and effects.