A Message from Cyberspace

What a nice surprise! We received the following message on our Facebook page yesterday from Lindsey Becker of Springfield, IL.

I had the pleasure of meeting some of your students this morning at Gettysburg. They seemed like a fun, bright and respectful group. They graciously offered to take my picture for me when they saw me trying to take a selfie with a statue of Abraham Lincoln. I've been traveling this last week and they have by far been the best group of kids I've seen! I just wanted to say thanks! I hope they have a great trip! Sincerely, Lindsey Becker. Springfield, IL

When we asked her for permission to post her comment to this blog, she replied:

Of course! Too often we hear the bad things so I would love for them to hear the positive feedback. I really mean it when I say they have been the most respectful group I've ran into on my travels.

She also sent us a few photos!