Hello from Hanoi!

Following completion of the school year, 12 students and 3 faculty members embarked on an excursion to Vietnam and Cambodia to study the legacy of the Vietnam War era and the dramatic changes taking place in these two countries today. Following is Alison Hogarth's report on the group's first full day in Hanoi.

This first full day saw our group bravely bearing the heat - redefining the definition of "humidity" for a lot of our kids!

The fact that their spirits stayed as high as they did while we acquainted ourselves with the city is a credit to them all. We visited the Ho Chi Minh complex (but opted out of the viewing of Ho Chi Minh once we saw the two-three hour queue), the Imperial Citadel (a UNESCO World Heritage site), the Hanoi Hilton, and the Temple of Literature, the first university of Vietnam (and where Vietnamese students now visit and say prayers to pass their exams).
We also saw an eye-opening display at the Hanoi Hilton that showed how well the American prisoners had been treated and how much they loved their captors. We followed that up with a discussion about propaganda...

We are now enjoying a"siesta" at the hotel and will then venture out for dinner. Tomorrow we tour the Old Quarter (location of our hotel) and then transfer by plane to the seaside town of Hoi An.

The group ascends the stairs to the top of the Imperial Citadel.

Sarah and Maggie at the top of the Citadel.

A small piece of the mile-long line to see Ho Chi Minh's body. 

Group photo in front of Ho's final resting place.

The French governor's mansion, which Ho refused to live in.

The simple stilt house that he insisted upon living in instead.

AnneMarie and Ariel on the grounds of the Presidential Palace.

Dessert from a delicious lunch at Pots and Pans!