Traipsing around the Trossachs -- continued adventures in Scotland

Kelsie '16 describes the frenetic pace the students are keeping during their trip to Scotland and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Today was very interesting but also exhausting.  We got up pretty early and then hopped on a bus at 8:45 with the Loyola kids, from the first day we arrived, and other students from Louisiana, I believe.  We headed up to see Stirling Castle, which had some pretty amazing architecture for the fact that it was built 500 years ago by King James V.  We got to look around there for a while and had some beautiful views of the land surrounding the castle.

We also saw the Trossachs which is where the highlands meet the lowlands, and that was also breathtaking.  We stopped to have lunch in this tiny town and it had an adorable strip mall and right behind it was a little lake that we sat beside to have lunch.  On the way back we stopped a few times for various reasons, the first was to see a family of cows in a pasture.  The second was for a beautiful view of a loch with a mountain and one house nestled between the mountain and the loch.  The third stop was a place where they had ponies, sheep, and ducks in pens and you could pet them and there was also a great gift shop.  Finally we returned at 5:30 and had a little time before there was a show a group of us wanted to see.  It was put on by a school in California about a boy who was disturbed and brought a gun to school and it was about them dealing with the after effects of that.  We had to rush to go see the other show we had paid for which was quite interesting and very hard to explain but it was about the ups and downs of life and having a singing career and the interpretation of that.  We eventually got back to campus at a little past midnight and headed off to bed for another busy day tomorrow.