Coming back: A big, beautiful circle

Kieren Van Den Blink '90 is an actress and writer. A graduate of Barnard, Van Den Blink debuted on Broadway in The Diary of Anne Frank and went on to become the voice of Rogue in the animated hit series Wolverine & the X-Men. Van Den Blink recently published Sniff, the first in a series of five children's books focusing on the senses. She returned to Peddie this week to guest-teach an acting class.

 Dear Peddie School,

Thank you beyond words for two days of teaching acting class - two days that reminded me of why I loved high school, why I love acting, and why a small, but beautiful part of all of us will always be 17. Because there's an openness, a vulnerability, a curiosity, that makes life so thrilling. So fresh. And sometimes frightening. I am forever grateful to have been able to return to my beloved Peddie. I've always loved this place. And now, it feels like a big beautiful full circle coming back to campus. Wow. The passage of time can be a little heartbreaking and very, very inspiring. Thank you too all of my Peddie friends - new and old - who made this experience so memorable. And thank you to the 11 brave students whose courage made me feel more alive.