Illuminating center campus

Mecca '16 shares the spirit of center campus

My favorite place at Peddie is center campus, 
especially during the Fall and Spring. 

 I love seeing people working and playing there, enjoying the wonderful weather Peddie is always lucky to have. 

 Watching the boys play frisbee and the girls sit on the benches 
indulging in girl talk are a couple of the things that make center campus so lively.

 In the Spring, things can get a little heated when the volleyball net goes up (always friendly competition, of course), but it just draws more activity to the area.  

 In addition to the lively atmosphere, center campus is the best place to admire Peddie's beautiful landscape. Around ten in the morning is my favorite time to be there because the sun is right above the Chapel illuminating all of center campus, making all buildings surrounding center campus glow. 
Center campus is a great place to work, play and relax year-round.