Masters dorm - a home away from home

Soo Jung '16

Master's - a home away from home
My freshman year at Peddie was awesome. Even though it was my first time living fourteen hours away from my parents (I'm from Seoul, Korea), since the enviornment was very welcoming, and since Peddie kept us busy with many different activities, I couldn't be homesick after the first week in Master's. 

Mrs. Washburn, our dorm supervisor, was like our second parent. She told us rules that we should follow in Peddie, brought board games for us, and baked cakes for our birthdays. Prefects, upperclassmen who live in Master's who helps us with our problems, were also very welcoming. I would not only go see them for advice, but I will also visit them as friends. 

Master's was such a great dorm that I decided to live in Masters again my sophomore year. As a sophomore, I was very excited (and much less nervous) to start the new year . I looked forward to singing the "Ala Viva" and bonding again with my Peddie friends during Blair Day, watching fall and winter plays acted by my friends, and attending snowball fights in Kerr field during the winter. Each year, I miss the seniors who have graduated, but I'm glad to welcome new students joining our Peddie community.