EFZ group says farewell

Just yesterday, the group of 12 students and 2 teachers from Peddie's sister school in Shanghai, EFZ, departed for home after a two-week visit.

Director of Asian Studies Yuan Gao, who coordinated the visit, sent this message to Peddie students:

"As our EFZ guests bid farewell this morning to Peddie partners, dorm hosts and host families upon completion of their fourth visit,  I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in our extended Peddie community for being such wonderful hosts during the past two weeks.  You may not have been directly involved in hosting an EFZ visitor in your room or your home, yet your smile when you saw one in the hallway, your applause in Chapel and your welcoming and thoughtful remarks in class, all left an enduring impression on our guests.

I quote here two EFZ students Lucy and Vicky who enjoyed much their Master North stay - 'the different residential life styles of the two schools actually reflect the differences between the two countries, which both have advantages and disadvantages. Only by getting to know each other’s country deeper can we make ours a better one.' 

'We want to express our gratitude to all the teachers, students and parents we met in Peddie, for their great patience and kindness. We will memorize (remember) this friendship forever.'

With that, I think you can all be proud of yourself as you have just proved, once again, the best ambassadors of Peddie, and even of the country."