Living U.S. History in Philadelphia

Each year, the Junior class heads an hour southwest to Philadelphia, "the Birthplace of America." We asked a few students to share their thoughts and photographs with us.

Grace '16:
The Philadelphia trip was a great experience to put things learned in class together into practice. We visited the Congress Hall and the Senate. It was interesting to see the difference between the interior designs of the two rooms. The senate was more decorated and elaborate than the congress because it represented the elites.

Abby '16:
I think one of the best parts of the trip was being around our history teachers outside of the classroom and in a space where they were just as excited as we were. You could really tell how much each of them loved history, whether it was Mr. Treese explaining the Senate room or Ms. Somers laughing at how ridiculous the Articles of Confederation were, their reactions made us all the more excited to be in a place with such rich history and reminded us that we have some of the best, most passionate historians as teachers.

Uzo '16
I enjoyed delving deeper into American History by visiting historic buildings such as Independence Hall and seeing the Natoinal Constitution Center...Wedge + Fig was also a great lunch spot!

Annabel '16 (new Junior from New South Wales, Australia)
I liked seeing a new city and the museums helped solidify my knowledge of the things I had learned in class. My grilled cheese was also REALLY good...

Photo by Danny '16