Ya gotta love Blair week!

Janine and Matteo, like most Peddie students, have a special place in their hearts for Blair week. 

Janine '15

My favorite time of year on campus is Blair Week. One of Peddie’s greatest assets is the sense of community. This bond is fostered through mixed-level classes, a common lunch period, and after-school activities. 

During Blair Week, the campus becomes even more cohesive. From dressing in pajamas to decking ourselves out in head-to-toe blue and gold, from the raucous Community Meeting to the spirited bonfire, from the boys’ thirds soccer match to the signature varsity football game, the entire student body is instinctively drawn towards each other. 

Seeing the packed bleachers and crowded boundary lines filled with students, staff, and parents dressed in their cold-weather Peddie gear is an image that continues to make me smile. When asked to describe Peddie, this is the first image that comes to mind. Although I am always clutching to the last weeks of summer sunshine and inherent laziness in August, I am eager to come back to campus and surround myself with the welcoming Peddie community…and, of course, win back the Potter-Kelley Cup!

Matteo '15

Since I was in the third grade Peddie has been part of my life. Having two older brothers that graduated class of ’10 and ’12, I got to experience many parts of Peddie at an early age. I still remember my first Blair Day, I was only nine years old, but I never forgot the school spirit that Peddie demonstrates on that day. You practically see school spirit everywhere you go on Blair day: banners hanging down from dorm windows, people wearing the blue and gold school colors, crowds of falcon fans cheering on classmates on the sports fields, Falcons gathering together to chant the Ala Viva. I saw freshman rooting on seniors and seniors rooting on freshman. 

That day I realized that Peddie was more than just a school. Peddie is spirited community where students can feel comfortable to be themselves and experience new things, as they will always have the support of the Peddie community. For myself, on my first Blair Day, as a new freshman trying out soccer for my first time, I had the Falcon community cheering me on. I felt comfortable playing soccer in front of my Peddie community even though I was not the most talented player. Going to Peddie and having that comfort as you are presented with many new opportunities, makes it that much easier to try new things and mature as a Falcon.