Vespers candles: A symbol of community

Katie '16 is a day student at Peddie. She runs cross country, writes for the Peddie News, and sings in the Chorus. This is the time of year where the strong sense of community at Peddie rings true for her.

Peddie has an extraordinary sense of community. I especially see the strength in Peddie’s community during winter term.

Before winter break, all students and teachers are invited to carol in Annenberg Hall during lunch.

The building is filled with people singing, talking, and having a great time. Students and teachers use their free time to bond as a community during that festive time of year.

Furthermore, during the winter concert, called Vespers Candlelight Service, the choir and bands perform holiday music. 

Everyone who attends is given a candle and during the last song, everyone’s candle is lit. Seeing students, teachers, and their families come to Vespers to support the music department proves how strong the Peddie community is.

When deciding which high school to attend, I chose Peddie because of its close-knit community. However, I know now that I did not fully grasp the strength of Peddie’s community until I became a student here.