Just Roomie Things

Chrissy talks about the highs and lows of sharing a room. Don't worry, her roommate didn't kill her for this post - they're still best friends!

School’s back in business, and everyone seems to be experiencing a sort of jetlag whether they’re international or not. Two weeks feels like two months and now our brains are playing catch up trying to relearn everything the holidays bumped out of our brains.

Coming back from break, it takes time to get used to moving back in. It’s not those beds or the view… I’m talking about living with that special someone. Occupying Peddie’s campus are 600 students and almost 2/3 of them are boarders. Each of these kids knows just what I’m talking about when it comes to your roommate.

Besides freshmen, we get to choose who to spend the majority of our time with throughout the school year. Coming back from winter break, I missed my roomie a lot. With our reunion I remembered all the things I didn’t sign up for: like her bags dumped out all over the floor, pizza boxes piling up, and of course, the constant camera flash when I’m trying to sleep. But all of this is worth it when you room with your best friend. After all, no one’s perfect (I just found out this morning I talk in my sleep) but these are just roomie things that we learn to adjust to.

Think about it: your roommate at Peddie sees the worst side of you more than anyone else; Just woke up, bedhead, One Direction t-shirt and sweatpants… They have the power to send that snapchat and they don’t! When you decide to start going to the gym more, your roommate is there to make that resolution with you, and quit a week later. Moving back in may be moving into the mess and mayhem, but it also means continuing a crazy adventure side-by-side with your partner in crime.

So when you wake up tomorrow at 5:30 from your roommate clopping around, and go to get a go-go-squeeze and find that they’re all gone, go back to sleep and find another snack, because this is who you chose to live with. And I really hope my roomie doesn’t kill me when she reads this...