Never lose heart

Robin '17 played on the J.V. Girls basketball team this season, and learned much more than court skills. The team finished with a 5-6 season.

Dribble dribble stop. 
Fast break down the court. 

As we watched the progression of the flawless threes being put up by Blair during our first game ever, I will never forget the feeling of our team never losing heart.

"Robin, go in for Gena!" 
"Yes sir!" 

Without hesitation, I got on the court and I didn’t let the fact that we were losing by 20 at this point stop me from playing like I was defending LeBron James. 

This season of basketball was absolutely phenomenal. The group of girls that gathered on the court every day after classes were there not to fill a sports requirement, but to play basketball. No matter the score, the lead, the threes or the fouls, you never saw a solemn face on the court or the bench. This basketball season turned out to be record-breaking, but more impressive was that each player on the team showed she wanted to be there and that we all wanted to win - every time. 

As the season progressed we did begin to win! This was unexpected for our JV team, but we were not going to die quietly. Our skills improved, and so did our record. The games became interesting, and more importantly we shocked everyone by telling them we won our games. If nothing else, I know that the reason we won is that every girl on our team had loyalty and dedication to the sport, and to each other. As a JV team, we showed more growth than Shaquille O’Neal in his first growth spurt. We took the raw materials we all had on the court and with the wise guidance from Cojack and Mr. Park became a team full of Michael Jordans and Lisa Leslies. All in all, this season was quite possibly the most amazing time for me and I get to leave this season with a group of girls I not only call teammates, but best friends. Until next season…