Peddie in India 2015: Day 4

Today's post is sent in by Daniel '17 and Trevor '17

Today the group enjoyed a variety of activities from visiting a monastery to 
playing games with local children. 

After a nice American breakfast, our group set out to meet Bob, an ordained Tibetan monk from Chicago, to learn about the basic principles of Tibetan Buddhism. 

We later traveled to the Norbulingka Institute to watch skilled Tibetan craftsmen who utilize traditional methods rather than machinery.
The visit was followed by a nice lunch and a trip to a nunnery. 

Our final destination was to the Nishtha Rural Health Education and Environment Center, which focused on teaching local Tibetans to more efficiently manage their garbage and also taught young children life skills that they wouldn't learn normally from school. We then played outside with the children before departing for some pumpkin soup, french fries and pizza to conclude the day.