Peddie in India 2015: Day 5

Today's post is brought to us by Janine '15 and Gianna '17, with a reflection by Sophie '15

Today, we were privileged to meet His Holiness the Dalai Lama. 

After this honor, we toured the Tsuglagkhang  Complex with our guide Jeremy. He showed us two temples within the complex. One was a working Buddhist temple, while the other was exclusively for meditation. We stopped to take some photos of the scenic view and then walked to our hotel for lunch. After bowls of traditional Tibetan noodle soup, a Western birthday cake was brought out for Lauren’s 17th birthday! We checked into our rooms, and then went for a “light” hike to a Tibetan library. There, we learned about  how Tibetans translated traditional Sanskrit books. We then went to a museum about Tibetan medicine and saw instruments and ingredients they use. Finally, we spent some time near our hotel souvenir shopping. 

Reflection on meeting the Dalai Lama
by Sophie '15

When I thought about meeting someone as prestigious as the Dalai Lama, I was never expecting him to be so personable. From the second His Holiness walked into the room, he quickly humored the audience with his fascination with Amina Bright's hair. In fact, His Holiness touched her deadlocks and let out one of his heartwarming chuckles! In response to Amina's question, "how can someone as famous as His Holiness be so humble", he reminded us that he is just a human too.

My question, "how can we at 18 years old prepare ourselves to have a positive impact on society", prompted an unexpected response. Through education, a good partner, and plenty of sleep we can prepare ourselves to better society.  He also made sure to remind us of the importance of sleep- a much needed reminder for hard working students. Most importantly, His Holiness taught us that our happiness has a domino effect.