Peddie in India 2015: Day 6

Today's post is brought to us by Gabby '17 and Lauren '16

Gabby: Yesterday we embarked on a hike through the Himalayan Foothills.  We walked on steep trails covered with rocks, mud, and even snow.  

Lauren: At the beginning of the hike, many of us (especially me) struggled to up the steep hills. While the incline seemed unbearable at the time, the hike became less physically strenuous as we walked on.

Gabby: It was about ten miles to the top.     

Lauren: We trekked to the midway point which was a cozy little chai shop and stopped to take in the amazing view.

Gabby:  Then we had the decision to stay there or keep hiking to the top for another three hours. 

Lauren: At that point half the group stayed, and half of the group continued to the top. Although the path became less steep, we had to maneuver narrow pathways sometimes covered in snow. 

Gabby: We met a stray dog, who we named Bear, that followed us all the way to the top of the mountain.  This journey brought a lot new experiences to our group and many girls accomplished peeing in the woods for the first time!
Lauren: Overall, even when the hike was physically taxing, it brought the group closer together and it was and unforgettable experience.

Gabby:This journey gave us a greater appreciation for the beauty of nature and the villages of India.