Peddie in India 2015: Day 7

Today's post is brought to us by Marisa '17 and Maeve '17

We woke up early this morning to do yoga led by our good pal Gopaul. He led us in stretching, sun salutations, and partner exercises. Afterwards we ate a huge breakfast consisting of some chocolate chip pancakes. Then we took a drive to an ashram where we spent the rest of the day. After getting settled and a long trip to the bookstore, we ate at the ashram’s communal lunch. Following lunch, we had a long chat with a swami who talked to us about happiness and how it relates to Hinduism. A few people fell asleep as we meditated the following hour. We had some snacks and did some more meditation sitting instead of laying down. As the day drew to a close, we joined a larger group of people in listening to an esteemed swami give a lecture on faith and spirituality. A walk by the Ganges River was followed by dinner and ice cream at a hotel. After arriving back at our hotel, many girls got henna tattoos on their hands. It was a swell day!!