A fabulous 24 hours!

Headmaster Quinn sent a message to the community following Saturday's big win.

We had a fabulous 24 hours

between the JV Football game on Friday,

the pep rally,

and the rest of the Blair Day competition.

 Congratulations to everyone for making the weekend so successful!
I want every single person who put his or her heart into,,,  

playing in a game -

 or cheering at one

to revel in the success you all earned.

Every coach, our trainers, every member of the buildings and grounds and athletic departments
who made the campus beautiful and the fields ready,

the PPA who arranged for the tremendous tent and endless amounts of food

everyone played an essential role.

The vast amount of work would have been worth it no matter what the outcome,
but winning surely is more fun!

Blair wanted to go back home with the Cup, and you did not let it happen.
Next year they will want it even more. 
The Cup will return to the library tomorrow; take time to appreciate it,
and everything you did to keep it here.

Ala Viva!!