Educating through sharing personal experiences

Students in Spanish III Honors and Spanish V had an unexpected visitor - one who is not new to our campus -  in their class recently. 

Edwin Mendoza, who manages Dakota Building Services staff on Peddie's campus, was a guest speaker in today's Spanish III Honors and Spanish V classes. Speaking on the issue of freedom of speech in Guatemala, Mendoza presented to the students in Spanish and shared his personal experiences.

Spanish III Honors students seek to expand their knowledge of grammar and their communicative skills by reading short stories, writing research papers and giving oral presentations. The course is taught entirely in Spanish.

Students in Spanish V further develop their oral and writing skills through experiential learning - discussing classic films, preparing oral presentations, drawing, painting, making small sculptures, and through teaching ESL to Spanish-speaking learners. In Spanish V, students learn to use language as a vehicle to learn about other cultures, try new disciplines or simply to help others.


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