Year of the Monkey

Thanks to a dedicated group of students and parents, the Peddie community was able to join together to celebrate the 4714th Chinese New Year this past Saturday. Today, ninety students and their faculty chaperones boarded buses to New York City to continue the celebration with lunch and a Year of the Monkey firecracker ceremony and cultural festival.

Lunar New Year CelebrationSaturday, February 6, 2016

Anticipation was high as many students
arrived at Longstreet 
fifteen minutes
early waiting for the start of the
Lunar New Year celebration. 
from the northern dumplings to the
southern bubble tea 
and rice cakes
and white rabbit candies in between!
All were eager to taste authentic  Chinese New Year's traditional foods... 
Following the feast students further
immersed themselves in Chinese culture.
Accompanied by Chinese music, they
made their own paper lanterns,
and practiced their calligraphy
and Chinese yo-yo skills.
Those without Chinese heritage learned
to appreciate Chinese culture,
while those with Chinese heritage
who could not be with their family
for this holiday felt at home.
 Thank you to the many parents who spent countless hours shopping
and making food after their busy week and others who traveled
far from the other side of the ocean. 

Lunar New Year Celebration in New York City

Monday, February 8, 2016
Firecrackers are a big part of the celebration, and
the color red represents good fortune.
Dr. Jiang with a performer at the firecracker
ceremony and cultural festival

Students enjoyed lunch at Congee Village Restaurant.

 Wishing all a very prosperous and fruitful Lunar New Year!