Ancient history, magical evening

Over spring break, students and faculty chaperones traveled to Shanghai to visit Peddie's sister school, EFZ. Each student will enjoy a homestay experience with a fellow EFZ student, participate in a host of group activities and work on an independent project in conjunction with an EFZ student partner.

From José:

Today we went on a tour of the Yu garden. The tour was incredible.  We learned how the garden was built and the many stories that took place in the garden itself. The garden was filled with wonder, mystery and rich history making the experience that much more amazing. 

The Yu garden was filled with beautiful ancient architecture and even more beautiful plants and flowers. It was like walking back in time and I could feel the culture and history oozing from the very walls of the ancient buildings and the stone floors. Going to this amazing masterpiece of an attraction gave me an insight into the ancient Chinese culture that I craved on this trip.

The same night we attended a circus show and it was magical. The circus show was simply incredible and inspiring; the acts kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Each act felt as if it had a story to tell and each one kept you on your toes the whole time and just when you would think it was over or couldn't go any further BAM! They hit you with more astonishment and magic. My favorite act was when five guys were on the death wheel because they had my heart pumping the whole time. Every time it seemed like they were going to fall off, yet they didn’t. It gave me the sensation of terror and satisfaction at the same time.